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Welcome to My Dream Come True!'s really here! An idea, a dream from a very long time ago has come true! I am soooo excited you are here with me to celebrate. If you haven't had a chance to explore my website,, let me sum it up for you. I believe that we all can make a difference in this world we live in....right now, in this waiting, immediate gratification! How do we do that?? By giving, by being mindful, by being awake to our surroundings, by being "hands free" so that our hands can help. I designed a Women's Performance Shirt that does just has a hidden pocket for your phone so that you can have it with you and still be hands free to do the important things! AND the best part is that with every single purchase, you get to choose which charity to donate pick and we pay on the 8th of each's that simple! Global Angel is soooo much more than a brand, it's a lifestyle. We want to bring love and light and awareness to every country in the world. It starts at home, in our communities, in our cities, our states, our country and spreads globally. Miracles happen in the details....a smile, an act of kindness, a donation to a cause you care all matters. It's time to rise and it's time to shine....thank you for joining me and helping me make this world a better place! Oh and we have shirts for men and hats too! Winston Churchill said...."Never, never, never give up."

Live Well....Amber Dawn

Silver Strand, CA, Thanksgiving 2014...jumping for joy with the Love of my life!!!

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