Amber Dawn Shopay established Global Angel in 2018 in order to fulfill her desire to give back. She was inspired while on a trip to Mexico with her father, after meeting a group of young kids playing soccer in a dirt field. They told her their greatest wish was to have grass on which to play.


Amber couldn’t get the kids out of her mind and this set into motion a series of ideas about how to raise both money and awareness, on a local and global level.  It was actually quite simple - every area of the world has a need…and produces a product. What if one could benefit the other?


The happy result is Global Angel, a platform designed to offer high-quality goods that give back to the world, in just the way you choose. You pick the product; you pick the cause, because we’re more than just an online shopping destination. We’re a far-reaching, communal effort of compassion.




 The hardships of our world can be pretty overwhelming leaving many people, places, creatures and causes in desperate need of an Angel - it’s often confusing knowing where to begin.


Global Angel has streamlined the giving process by creating a platform allowing you to choose how you want to give back. We’ve assembled a thoughtfully curated and ever-growing list of charities from around the world, many of which you may recognize and some that you might be interested in learning more about.


Through the purchase of Global Angel products, we can effect change together leaving a positive and lasting impression in our wake. Please join us in leaving a legacy that matters…one Angel at a time. 

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Global Angel Inc is a 501(c)3 private, non-profit organization that creates a platform and products that give people the power and inspiration to effect positive change globally. Choose your product. Choose your charity...every single time!

Save your invoice as every purchase is completely tax deductible!  As Kathy Calvin said....“Giving is not just about making a donation. It is about making a difference.” 

Our angels are truly global! Check out our map below to see where the most recent purchases have been made. 

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