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Start making a difference today!'s already June...which means long warm summer days for most of us! Which also means more time spent at the beach or at lakes or at we decided to make a reusable bag that you can bring with you on your adventures. Not only can use it for groceries or filling it up with all your favorites from your local Farmer's can also use it to make the world a more beautiful place! You can spend 5 minutes picking up trash wherever you are. Imagine if all of us did this one small act of kindness....just imagine! Not only that but we will donate 75% of every bag purchased to the charity of your choice....this is a WIN WIN situation!!! There are so many small things we can do every day which will equal big results. Please join our mission, post pictures and tag us! Click here to buy yours now!

Live Well.....Amber Dawn

Woodland Hills, CA

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